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News & Upcoming Events:

11/1/2011 I joined two collegues from Entology at the start-up consulting firm Identity Works LLC

3/19/2010 Luke Denver was born

11/1/2008 Entology purchased by PricewaterhouseCoopers

7/10/2007 Ryan Matthew was born

9/18/2006 I started my new job as an Identity Management Consultant with Entology Inc.

6/30/2006 Jen and I closed on our new house

5/27/2006 Jennifer Schell and I were married. Look for pictures to be posted here.

3/27/2006 I presented a talk entitled "Authentication, Authorization, and Identity Management" at the 2006 PSU Security Day



These are various presentations I have given over the years. All of them are in Adobe PDF format and were created on either OpenOffice or Apple Keynote.

Authentication, Authorization, and Identity Management

This is a presentation I gave at the PSU Security Day 2006 Conference. In it I discuss the basic building blocks of authentication and authorization and explain how we build on them for our identity management architecture at Penn State.

SAML 2.0

This is an overview of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 which I gave at a retreat for PSU's Emerging Technologies and Administrative Information Services departments in 2005.

Shibboleth & DLT

I gave this presentation at a retreat for PSU's Emerging Technologies and Digital Library Technologies departments in 2005. It covered a basic overview of the Shibboleth Identity Management system and how it interoperates with some of the Library's applications.

When the Web Talks Back

This was a co-presentation between myself, Michael Berube, Cory Riddle, and Jim Leous at the PSU Web 2005 Conference. I spoke on my weblog software (clog) that we use in Emerging Technologies for information exchange and status updates.

Enabling Applications to Use Identity Management Systems

I gave this presentation at the 2004 Intenet2 Enterprise Authentication Workshop. It covers Penn State's history and experiences involving our migration to a fully integrated enterprise authentication system for web based applications.

Shibboleth Uses at Penn State

I presented this at the Internet2 Member Meeting in the spring of 2004. It is an update on our deployment of Shibboleth to support Napster and Webassign

Intro to Linux

This is an introduction to the Linux Operating System I gave as an ITS Seminar in 2004

PSU & Webassign

This is a short presentation I gave as an update to PSU's deployment of Shibboleth to support Webassign at the Internet2 Shibboleth Implementation Workshop in the summer of 2004

Shibboleth and Access to Licensed Content

This presentation details Penn State's experience and plans involving using Shibboleth to protect licensed content on the web (primarily library digital repositories). This was presented in 2004 at the Internet2 Shibboleth Implementation Workshop

Shibboleth Origins - Requirement and Considerations

This presentation details PSU's experience in deploying and configuring a Shibboleth Origin (now called Identity Provider) site at the Internet2 Shibboleth Implementation Workshop in the summer of 2004

Cosign: A Web Credential Management Solution

This is a very short overview of the Cosign single sign on system that I prototyped for PSU.

Public Key Infrastructure

I presented this to the PSU Linux User's Group and several other venues around Penn State in 2003. It is a basic overview of Public Key Infrastructure which touches on asymmetric key cryptography and how it can be used to encrypt and digitally sign data.

HYDRA: A Framework for Web Applications to Access PSU Mainframe Data

I gave this presentation to several groups, including the PSU Administrative Information Services department and the PSU Linux User's Group. In it, I detail the DCE/RPC based architecture for accessing mainframe data (such as student and financial records) over web applications such as eLion and FIT.

Internet2 Middleware Initiative

I first presented this at a PSI Advanced Information Technology staff meeting in 2003 and parts of it become standard staples for my other Internet2 Presentations. It is now somewhat outdated but it gave an overview of Internet2's plans involving Inter-realm authentication and authorization using eduPerson, SAML, OpenSAML, and Shibboleth.

Securing Apache with ModSSL and Mod_Auth_Kerberos

I presented this at PSU's 2003 Web Conference. It is a very outdated quick guide to securing the Apache Web Server and integrating it with PSU's Kerberos based authentication system. The content in this presentation was made obsolete by Cosign